The Fabulous Five it's a superhero team founded by Invisible Woman. They are one of two organizations striving to be active superheroes even on the peaceful planet.

Team membersEdit


Invisible Woman: A veteran team member from the fantastic four. She takes charge of the team during what little action they can get.

Elasti-Girl: the only character from DC on the team. She gets into some arguments with invisible woman however she enjoys being part of the team.

She Hulk: another member from the original fantastic four a powerful fighter on the team.

Ms. Marvel:even though she does not have powers that counterpart a main member of the fantastic four Susan recruited her because she brings both extra muscle and brain power.

Firestar: The youngest person on the team.


Jazinda: works with the team but stubbornly refuses to be counted as an official member if they ever need somebody for a stealth mission she's the first one they go to.