Elisa Maza

Originally from Gargoyles She was appointed Capital Cities chief of police.


Despite the great number of super villains available The planet of Lestopia as a very low crime rate despite this Elisa keeps the girls in the police force ready to serve in any action. After having to gargoyle human hybrids she decided and convinced Demona that it was best to be able to switch between forms at will.


in her gargoyle form


Demona Edit

the gargoyle has overcome her hatred of humans and the two of them have ended up falling in love and marring

Members of the police departmentEdit

She is a strict but fair chief who cares a lot about the girls working for her.


Used to be jealous of her being able to stop what little crime they got before anybody else had a chance to act. Then she did something really stupid which cause her to temporarily move back to her earth.