Harley Quinn (BTAS)

Sexy and Nutty

originating from the DC comics animated universe more specifically Batman the animated series.

Character HistoryEdit

one of Jinx's adoptive mothers the psychiatrist turned super villain was eager to help her daughter and her friends save Starfie's People even if it meant "working with goodie goodies".

after the planet has been established she decided to resume her practice as a psychiatrist. Because she was the only qualified psychiatrist on the planet. she sees patients regularly but mostly helps with reforming other villains that are reluctant to turn over a new leaf.

One day a Grim Reaper showed up at her doorstep under the impression that Harley Quinn was the one person who would think it would be funny if she was told her time has come as a prank. The Grim Reaper was tragically mistaken and proceeded to make up for it by creating new life inside Harley Quinn.


she is married to Poison Ivy and has been for a long time prior to coming to the planet.

Batman, after she was impregnated by the Grim Reaper (see above) she started a relationship with the only male parent of her three triplets fathered by Poison Ivy and two people she would've wanted to have kids with in the future.

Asoka Tano, not much is known about her relationship with Asoka some people even think it might still be in the future but she is "father" to one of the triplets.