Back when she could smile.

Fluttershy originating from my little pony friendship is magic. She was banished from the planet.

Character historyEdit

Early life on the planetEdit

Fluttershy used to live a quiet life with her girlfriends. Living in a roomy house on the hill. One day she was acting very strangely and decided to make a psychiatrist appointment with Harley Quinn but the first time she tried to talk to the professional she altered out of the window before the ex-villainess knew what the problem was.

On her second attempt to make an appointment Fluttershy talked about how she was under stress despite the fact that her life is going well now because she wants to make contact with the child she bore during a teenage pregnancy. It turned out that child was Scootaloo. The orange Pegasus fully accepted that Fluttershy was her real mother. However she was a little confused to find out her father was Pinkie Pie.

Her darkest dayEdit

Fluttershy's life went well from that point up until love itself seem to go crazy. Assuming the culprit to be Discord she raced off to inform the princesses. However a queen xenomorph fell in love with her completely terrorizing the yellow pony. Try as she might she couldn't get away from the massive lovestruck monster.

Despite her best attempts Fluttershy could not do anything to shake the interest of the alien. She now lives in fear of the creature in love with her.

In a desperate attempt to get the creature to fall out of love with her. acting on the advice of Twilight Sparkle, she tried putting on an act of a sudden attitude change into a brutal violent dominatrix totally backfired. And she hasn't left the house sets

final confrontationEdit

After the Queens attempted one more time to resolve the issue between Fluttershy and the Queen Xenamorth she was banned from the planet for her unforgiving attitude towards the poor helpless killer monster.


Pinkie pieEdit

Prior to the Xenomorth Fluttershy was in love and very devoted to the pink party pony.

Scootaloo Edit

after confessing to the orange Pegasus that she was her real mother the to try to make up for lost time in having a mother-daughter relationship.

Aria Edit

during an incident said and where love itself gone haywire, a large mutated queen xenomorph fell in love with her. The spiked the love being unnatural the alien is still in love with the pony the relationship is completely one-sided. The normal way kind Pegasus can barely even stand her.all attempts for the alien to earn Fluttershy's love completely backfired likewise every attempt Fluttershy made to get her to seek a new partner have been met with equally disastrous results.