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Originating from Kim Possible. One of Kim's main lovers. Also an attorney.

Character HistoryEdit

growing up in a family of right wing religious extremists was hard for someone who is both the youngest of 10 siblings and a lesbian.prior to gathering the strength to come out. Then arch nemesis Kim Possible discovered the truth.

At the prom when Kim showed up with Shego facing the torment of their peers she knew it was now or never and stood beside the redhead.


Kim PossibleEdit

secretly showed support for her former nemesis through much of the school year well keeping up appearances of their former bitterness. She timidly asked to be with Kim and Shego after prom.


Bonnie mistook her real-world tales of espionage and murder for just stories and joined in. Causing the veteran spy to fall in love for her.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

she studied law and military strategy.


a high-tech power sword that has the cutting power of our red light saber but is designed to more resemble a traditional sword and still be effective without being turned on.